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Microtome blades for unerring precision

MICROFIX™ blades

Disposable blades are the most expensive consumables in modern histology laboratory. The elaborate production of stainless steel precision tools justifies it in most cases, since the material to be cut is usually unique. With MICROFIX™ microtome blades ORSAtec® provides a very attractive combination.

Interesting piece costs with high durability and unerring precision.

MICROFIX™ microtome blades angle length height thickness description
OT 35 ST 35° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Universal blade. Perfectly balanced between sharpness and durability. Biopsy, ligament sections and soft tissue types.
OT 35 STD 35° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Excellent durability for hard tissue types.
OT 30 30° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Blade for biopsy and extra fine sections. Very suitable for skin sections
OT 22 22° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Ultrafine sections. Kidney and lymph nodes.
OT 35 STD TF 35° 80 mm 8 mm 0.25 mm Universal blade for daily routine. Superior cutting performance and high durability. Also suitable for larger tissue samples.
OT 35 HP 35° 80 mm 14 mm 0.32 mm Excellent for cryosectioning and ligament sections.
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MICROFIX™ blades

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